It’s been an incredibly busy week. I’ll rewind all the way back to last Friday…

Our Weekend Away

Last Friday, I had to work. We found out on Thursday it may be the last time we would be able to see Grandpa (Mike’s) and Mike wanted me to pack a bag and ready to go. So I worked almost a full day on Friday, leaving around four thirty instead of five o’ clock. I came home and we immediately went on the road. We drove four hours to Northern Woods, WI. It was a long, tiring night but we made it there safely. We were greeted by Mike’s parents. We all pretty much went to bed after that.

Saturday came and we headed out to breakfast to Paul Bunyan Shanty. After filling our bellies, we headed to the hospital. We saw Grandpa and talked with Grandma for a while. The boys grew bored rather quickly and we headed out.  We came back to Mike’s grandparent’s house to find that his aunt and uncle had been there and left their dogs. We regained signal on our phones with requests that we take the dogs out every hour on the hour. Awesome. /sarcasm Whatever, though. I did my part. Mike didn’t seem to have much interest in worrying about the dogs so I took 4 dogs, one by one, outside, every hour on the hour. I gained a little bit of an appreciation for that. It’s cool.

Sunday came and we all packed up and got ready to leave. We had hoped to be on the road by 10am but not leaving until around 11. We were home by 3:30pm.

I have a few photos from the weekend. I’ll share them here:


So that was our weekend. Not a lot happened. We were there, we visited Grandpa, we hung out, then we headed home.


I’ve been busy coloring a lot lately. It’s kept me busy and out of trouble. Here’s some of my work I want to show off.


… sorry I totally left while writng this and have no desire to finish it anymore so I’ll end this here.

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  1. Sheri says:

    I hope the trip wasn’t too hard on Mike. Times like that can be difficult. I love the ending to this post, you crack me up :D

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