This has been an incredibly busy week. We had Mikhail’s birthday, Nick’s concert, I had work, it’s just been a very busy week. I’ll explain and show off my pretty scrapbook pages I made for the events. That’s how I show off pictures and events now, by showing my scrapbook pages of it. Makes it prettier and more appealing.

Mikhail’s Birthday

So, Mikhail’s birthday was on the 6th (Tuesday). He received Call of Duty Infinite Warfare as his present. He also received a cheapo R/C car that he really wanted from Walgreen’s that I objected at first but decided to get because he was somewhat behaving himself (at the moment). We usually celebrate birthdays with the tradition that the birthday boy gets whatever cake he wants. This year, Mikhail chose a Hershey’s Chocolate cake from Walmart. It’s a quarter sheet cake. I ended up getting ours for half off – score! – a few days before his birthday so I threw it in the freezer until Tuesday and pulled it out that morning. It was perfect. I even remembered candles for this time! I never remember candles. We took the cake next door to Lynn’s and said Happy Birthday because he didn’t want to be sung to. He made his wish and blew out the candles. Of course, I do not have a picture of the cake being lit or him blowing it out. I was living in the moment instead which is far more important, I suppose. Also, I forgot to mention, we got brownie bites for his classmates at school. I dropped them of at snack time and helped hand them out like a good little mommy. He had a good day, at least I think he did. Here’s the picture.

Nick’s Concert

So, Nick’s concert was on the 7th (Wednesday). He was required to wear a white shirt, a tie was optional, black slacks, black socks, and black shoes. We got the slacks and shirt, but I was not about to drop $30+ on black dress shoes specifically for this event. HA! He didn’t have black tennis shoes either so I emailed his teacher and told him what we have is what we have. Well, I never received a response from his teacher so we just went with it. It was a combined concert with all the 7th graders in band, orchestra, and choir. It was held at the middle school. Parents and grandparents alike were required to sit in the risers. It was cramped and Mikhail insisted on coming.  He was squirrely the entire time. He would not sit still! We had people surrounding us and he was not helping the fact.

Nick was required to wear this wardrobe and he was very upset. He argued with me for a good hour. He finally got a t-shirt underneath and was ok with it. By the end of the night, he was saying “I look good! I look hot!” and was so full of himself. It was cute. Maybe now he will see dressing up isn’t so bad. Each group did a three-song tier and then all sang Frosty the Snowman altogether. Here’s the photos from that night.

Ok. I’m on the phone so I’m going to just end this here. Hopefully, I come back in a day or two and write more.

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