So far this has proven to be a busy Monday! I’m proud of my productivity. Yesterday, I opened up my planner and began planning my week. My week filled up very quickly. The main focus for this week is laundry. I don’t have a lot of regular laundry to do, just my normal loads, but I have decided to do so much more. I have decided to wash ALL of the bedding in our rooms. For Nick this included three different loads, maybe even more depending on if I find more upstairs. He had one load of pillows and a mattress cover, his sheet, one comforter, and a fleece blanket, and the final load of a comforter and another small fleece blanket. I don’t wash bedding as much as I should but now that I have a washer and dryer I’m able to do it more than I ever have without the guilt of ‘wasting money to just wash 1-2 items per load’. On top of washing Nick’s bedding, I am cleaning up the kitchen, and cleaning Nick’s room – which I’m taking points for because I gave him an opportunity to do it last night or this morning and he didn’t. I also scheduled Nick’s cardiologist appointment. I emailed Nick’s math teacher about an extended conference and I’m still waiting for a response but he should be getting back to me about meeting this week with ALL his teachers and his guidance councilor. I’m glad he finally got back to me! So needless to say, today has been a busy day!

Tomorrow is just as busy with washing Mikhail’s bedding, cleaning Mikhail’s room if he doesn’t do it himself (and taking points from him too), taking a giant box out of our room and recycling it, vacuuming the living room, and cleaning up the living room; I actually started the living room today with cleaning up and cleaning out the ENTIRE vacuum cleaner! I also need to restock the bathrooms, wipe down the toilets (Boys! UGH!), and gather all the regular laundry from the bedrooms to do on Wednesday.

Wednesday, depending on when and if we’re having a group conference with ALL Nick’s teachers, I will be doing ALL the remaining laundry and clothing. This includes my bedding too which should only be one load unless I do our pillows too (which I really should). Speaking of doing all this laundry, I need to save money and get all the stuff to make my own laundry detergent at home. I guess like $20-30 worth of products will equal approximately one year’s worth of laundry detergent. I figured I could buy all the stuff, mix up a small batch, try it out and then mix up a bigger batch. I also need to pick up bleach tablets, oxiclean, and dish washing detergent (which is GREAT for whites).

I honestly need to win the lottery, or a Twitter party once again. I need to go shopping for so much for the house and Christmas is coming up. I just don’t have the money to get everything I need for the house AND Christmas presents. Obviously the boys are going to come first. It’s just hard. Christmas isn’t going to be huge this year. We all know this. Mike’s worried about Nick being ungrateful. I explained that Nick did a great job being grateful and thankful for everything he got last year and apparently Mike doesn’t remember it that way. I wrote it in my blog that Nick was very gracious for everything he received. *shrugs* Whatever. I also did a LOT of damage control with Nick telling him to being grateful for what he receives and not selfish and greedy. He’s getting older. I believe he knows that presents come from us, not Santa, but I’m not positive about this. I don’t know. Regardless, I need to figure out a money situation. We’re running out of weeks until Christmas is here! We’ll figure it out. We always do.

My stomach is rumbling so I guess I’m going to find something to eat. Until next time…

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