So much time and so little to do! Strike that. Reverse.

My planner has been filled with to-dos all week. I have written everything I need to do over the course of this week. For the most part, actually not really, I haven’t followed the scheduled planned to-dos for this week at all. Here is what I have done this week and what I plan on doing later.


On Monday, I had to pick up my prescriptions. I did a clean sweep through the house and made sure everything was picked up. I cleaned up the living room, picked up all the random clothes that were laying around, organized the tables of their clutter, and just did an overall clean of the living room. In the kitchen, I picked up all the random stuff on the counter tops and made a home for everything, I did all the dishes, ran the dishwasher, put away the dishes, cleaned off the surfaces, and swept the floor. I even went as far as cleaning up Mikhail’s bedroom for him. He’s pretty good with keeping his room clean, once it’s cleaned. So, I cleaned that up for him. I took all the laundry from upstairs in our bedrooms and got it down to the basement to get ready to be sorted. Then I got a phone call…

It was from DHL’s human resources. She called to give me a friendly reminder to do my drug test. I was baffled. “Uhh, I did that last week. On Tuesday, I do believe. It’s already been done.”

“Oh! Ok! I am sure it’s fine then. No worries. Everything will be taken care of.”

Whatever. I shrugged it off for a few hours but something didn’t seem right. I ended up calling her and asking if everything was taken care of. She responded with, “No. There is no record of you being at the drug testing facilities. There is no record of a test or any indication that you were ever even there.”

“Uhm… Ok? I don’t know what happened then. Could I go back today or tomorrow and retake the test so that way you guys have that?!”

“Uh, yeah. I guess you can do that. As long as it’s done today or tomorrow.”

Mike came home for lunch. I told him about it and he was all W-T-F? So, after he left, I jumped into the car, made the 20-minute drive, and retook the drug test. Afterward, I called HR back and told her I retook the test and to let me know if anything else needed to be done.

Well, I never heard back from her. I’ve been a nervous wreck ever since. She almost treated me like I was a liar when on the phone about this whole situation. The lady at the drug test place knew I wasn’t lying and even apologized for this whole fiasco. I just called HR back again asking her to verify that they got the test and that everything is where it needs to be for me to work on Monday. PLEASE CALL ME BACK! I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the word that, Yes, everything is A-OK for me to go to work on Monday. –breathe– Everything will be fine. You have a physical copy of your drug test in your purse. They can’t say they don’t have it when you have a copy of your own. She will call you back when she gets free. She’s probably a very busy woman right now with all the new people. –breathe– Ok.


Tuesday was a busy day. I cut my bangs. I reinserted my eyebrow piercing now that I can wear it once again. I went through my entire closet. I organized all the summer clothes and put them to the side. I took out all the shirts that should fit me and that are my size. I put all the shirts that aren’t my size into a pile. I took out EVERY pair of jeans I owned and placed that in a separate pile.

Then, I got a phone call from Nick. “Mom, my back, chest, shoulder, and neck hurt really bad. I can’t move. My chest feels like it’s collapsing.” I talked to the nurse and she said he looked pretty bad and in pain. I told him he could rest for about 20 minutes then give me a callback. More than likely, he pulled something in gym class and was hurting from that. He never mentioned it at home when he came home yesterday after gym and was fine so why all the sudden? Well, twenty minutes later, almost to the second, I get another phone call saying come pick me up. So, I jumped in the car and went and got him. He came home and went right to bed. I gave him some Tylenol, then he took a hot shower, and felt a little better but ended up passing out in his room for a few hours.

Once settled, I went through my piles of clothes. I wound up with six pairs of jeans, two pairs of dress pants, four pairs of khakis, fifteen nice, dressier style shirts, a few hoodies, and a sweater to wear to work. That wasn’t including some of the t-shirts I have but haven’t gone through to determine which is work-worthy.

Once I was done with all that, I began to color. I actually pulled a page from Hannah Lynn’s newest book “I Dream In Color” and picked a page and started at it. I’ll show you the before and after images of the page. I ended up finishing it last night.


Today has been a fairly busy day also. I got the boys on the bus. I came in and watched the news while drinking my coffee. I waited until about 8:45 until I jumped in the car and went to the shoe place to return Mike’s boots he had bought but decided he didn’t like. After there, I decided against going to the grocery store because it decided to start sleeting/snowing and I wasn’t sure how the roads would be after the fact of going shopping so I came home. I had laundry in. I’m on my fifth load so far. Once completed, all the laundry in the house will be done. That will give me a better view of what clothes I have for work also. I just called HR and am waiting for a phone call back. Mike’s more than likely going to come home for lunch so I’ll enjoy some time with him. I also started coloring the second page in the new book. Here’s my work in progress:

I suppose I like the page so far. I don’t like how detailed everything has gotten with her pages, though. There are so many intricate lines and details that I feel are unnecessary. I do like coloring them still. It really turned me off from her Christmas book with just how much was in them and how much there was to color. I only wound up coloring like two or three pages out of the entire book. We’ll see where I stand with this book. I have to do so much of it in gel pen, though.

So, that’s my week so far.

The rest of the week includes: moving all my stuff into my messenger bag purse so I have a place to carry my lunch, water bottle, notebook, and all the other various things I’ll need for training. I have to remember to grab my birth certificate and social security card to put in there along with the copy of my drug test (if HR doesn’t get back to me). I have to finish going through my t-shirts and figuring out which ones are work-worthy and which ones are not. I plan on wearing a sweatshirt with whatever t-shirt I decide so I guess it really doesn’t matter which ones I choose. It’s the sweatshirt that I have to worry about. Tomorrow consists of cleaning up and detail cleaning my living room. Getting everything picked up and organized, gone through, and cleaned. Friday will be cleaning the kitchen and detailing that. Mike’s interview is on Friday so we will be rooting for him. Saturday is miscellaneous laundry day and basketball practice. I have to do whatever major cleaning that didn’t get done on Thursday and Friday did on Saturday. Mike will probably go out to his friends per the usual and I’ll be here to clean.

Sunday includes not freaking the hell out. All the prep, purse changes, making sure I  have everything ready, writing notes for myself, setting my alarms, packing my lunch, etc. I have to make sure the boys’ homework is done, lunches are packed, showers are in, etc. All Sunday is, is a day of preparation for Monday. I have to inform Mike of how to go about taking care of the boys in the morning. What times they need to be at the bus stop. How to deal with Mikhail’s attitude should it arise?

Monday is the big day.

I got to stay positive and ready. I’ve been waiting for this moment since July of last year! I’m ready for this moment. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to make this all work and make it happen. This is it.

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  1. Shanae says:

    Hello! Stumbled on your blog thanks to visiting Kya lol.

    I can honestly say that I commend you for at least using a planner. I buy one every year, use it for a couple of days telling ymself “I’m going to be organised” and then yeah, forget about it. I’m awful with time management so it would really do me some good if I could keep up with using one!

    Also, I LOVE your colour pages. They’re adorable, and you do a badass job of colouring them in. Gel pens are a pain ,but always look really good when you (finally) get done with the colouring. You definitely have so much more patience than I do. I have a million of the “adult coloring sheets” and I will start colouring in a pattern and get bored soon after because there’s generally so much detail to them.

    • Nikkole says:

      Thank you for stopping by!

      Keeping up with a planner isn’t an easy task but something I set myself out to do a few years ago and once I established a set routine with doing it it’s been easy ever since.

      Thank you for the nice compliment on my coloring pages. I do very much enjoy doing them. I found with a lot of the adult pages it’s the same image over and over and it’s a pattern. Those are NO fun to me. That’s why I like the Hannah Lynn books. She has so much going on in the page and it’s all different stuff. There’s the hair, eyes, skin, clothes, backgrounds, etc. It’s not the same ol’ pattern over and over again. She also has very thick, black, forgiving lines that make easier coloring. If you’re in to adult coloring but can’t find your groove for something, check out her Facebook page. She has a couple sample images for free that you can print out and try one of hers.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I’ll be posting more coloring pages I just finished in the next day or so.

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