So another brain dump from me to you. I have had a lot go on the in past few days. Let’s talk about that.

Mikhail’s play date

Mikhail had his second play date yesterday. This time the play date was at our house. His friend came over and got off on our bus stop. This gave me a LOT of anxiety. I didn’t know if the bus driver was going to say something about him getting off at our stop. I didn’t know if he had given the bus driver the note saying he was allowed. If he didn’t get off at our stop would his grandma or someone be at home waiting for him to get off at his stop? So much anxiety! It all worked out in the end though. Mikhail and his friend got off at our stop. It was a new bus driver so she was none the wiser. The boys came inside and threw all their stuff … well … everywhere! I gave them each a snack to eat and then they played on the Xbox for a while. Once they realized the wouldn’t be able to play his friend’s games on our Xbox since it was full they decided to go upstairs and play with the Nerf guns and have a war. It was a free for all. There were darts, and guns, and so much everywhere!

Mike came home from work an hour early. I had just started dinner. He saw the mess and I’m surprise he didn’t ask me if I was OK with it. I got the boys to ‘clean up’ the best they could. His friend’s dad ended up showing up around quarter to seven even though I had requested he be picked up between six and six-thirty. Oh well. Mikhail had a blast and everything went really well. I don’t mind his friend coming over. He’s a well mannered, VERY soft spoken kid. Even more quiet than Mikhail, but I can’t even say that because Mikhail has really blossomed in to a very well spoken young man.

We will definitely have another play date again in the coming weeks/months. They can’t entirely go to his friends house because his friend’s dad said that they had their Xbox stolen so there isn’t much for them to do at his house. I don’t mind them playing here. I just gotta get over the gigantic mess they make and make sure they clean up after themselves!

Grade Obsession

I have become OBSESSED with checking Nick’s grades on his campus portal. I honestly check it probably more than twenty times a day. I just want to see what he has gotten and if his percentages have gone up at all in his classes. I have been mainly watching math’s scores go up. He went from a 35% which was his lowest and now he’s up to a 48%! That’s a great increase. It’s VERY slow going but it IS going. He’s improving his grade each assignment at a time. His teacher is so damn slow with entering the grades in the grade book that it feels like forever before we find out if his grade has increased. This isn’t a problem now, but when Nick KNOWS he gets a good grade on the assignment, I am NOT letting him be ungrounded until I physically see the grade update online. Those are the breaks.

Early Thanksgiving

Tomorrow we are celebrating Thanksgiving together. It will be Lynn, George, Matt, Grandma T, Mike, the kids, and I over at Lynn’s house. I’m supposed to be over at Lynn’s helping her chop and cook and prepare for tomorrow’s feast but I’m waiting to see if Mike is coming home for lunch. Although he said he wasn’t going to because “nothing we have sounds like something he’d want”. Psh, whatever. I gotta eat it so it doesn’t go to waste, so do you. Heh. That’s not how this works at all, but a girl could dream.

Anyway, we celebrate Thanksgiving usually the weekend before because Lynn works retail and will be working on the night of Thanksgiving at the mall. This has been going on for at least five or six years now; ever since the malls decided to start opening on Thanksgiving night instead of say at Midnight the morning of Black Friday.

Personally, I hate it. I mean, I get why we do it and that’s fine and all. Who am I to say anything about it -I don’t work. However, it upsets me that Corporate America won’t even allow families to spend time together on Thanksgiving anymore. /end soapbox

It will be delicious like it always is. Lynn had gotten four turkeys total this year. Well, she bought two – one for frying and one for baking – then we got one from Mike’s work so we both each got one. Those are both in Lynn’s freezer. Fine by me, I don’t even know how to cook a turkey!

I signed up for a new opportunity to work at home this past week. It’s at Basically you’re an author doing various assignments that are requested. You can either do assignments that are assigned to everyone and you choose which ones you want to do or you are chosen specifically from a client that wants you to write for them. You are rated and your writing is paid to you based on your rated score. I was under the impression most people get a 2 star rating. I got 4 stars! I was really impressed with myself. I ended up working on my profile and tweaking that all afternoon yesterday. Sarah is still awaiting for her login to work and to be rated. I think she should email them and find out whats up but I don’t know if she’s willing to do that. Oh well. I did one assignment which was writing for Amazon search results. I don’t have a clue if I did it right or not but I’m awaiting my score to see if I did. They say they will give you feedback on your writing to tell you if you did things properly or not so I’m awaiting that.

I wrote a 300-400 word description about a search engine result and I will be paid roughly $4-5 for approximately 10 minutes of work. Not too shabby, huh? I still need to read more in to it and figure out EXACTLY how things are done but from my understanding you write it in, and they have up to 3 days to accept it. Once accepted, they will pay you. If it goes for 96 hours without being accepted, they’ll still pay you. Otherwise they can reject it completely. I don’t know if that’s how it actually is or just how I read it but I need to do a few assignments and check to be sure.

I’ll tell you all more about it when I start raking in the cash!


Another way I’m earning money from at home is through Swagbucks. For a very quick description, Swagbucks are bucks you earn by doing searches through Swagbucks search engine. You can also earn bucks by doing daily polls and surveys, watching videos, shopping online and using their link, and so many more. You can earn anywhere from 5-20+ Swagbucks for every few searches you do through their search engine. It’s completely random when they give you them so it’s not always a given thing. The daily polls = 1 Swagbuck. Suveys, if you qualify for them, can earn you anything from 10 Swagbucks to 100 or more. Surveys are a little harder though because you could do a survey for 20 minutes and answer and suddenly not qualify for it. Frustrating, yes, but it’s rewarding when you get through the entire survey and you just earned 100 bucks for a few minutes of your time.

I have earned a total of about $100 in gift cards since starting a few years ago. Remind you, I really fell off the band wagon for quite some time while doing it. Since actively trying and working hard at getting them, in the past two days I’ve earned 231 Swagbucks. That’s not bad. The prizes range from everything including gift cards (500 Swagbucks = $5 gift card) to appliances or toys, to Swagstakes which are mini giveaways you pay with Swagbucks to win lots of Swagbucks, to much more.

Check it out. Yes, those are my referral codes. You earn up to 100 swagbucks matched for every person you get to sign up. I love it and it’s so easy to use their search engine instead of google. Spend 10-15 minutes doing the other various things on the website and earn even more.

I have more to write about but I need to go next door and help Lynn start cooking. I’ll talk to you all again sometime soon.

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