I’m going to come back and cross things off this list as I do them. Even though I wrote the lists out as in order in which I’d like to complete. I did not take into consideration that I would be doing these randomly instead of in order. They just were put in order for what I wanted to do. Does that make sense? Probably not. Anyways, I’ve decided I am going to come back check off what I’ve accomplished on this post.

I need to do a brain dump. I am very manic right now and I’ve been listening to podcasts for cleaning and organizing. Needless to say, I’m manic and I have a lot of things running through my head of all the things I need/want to do. So, I need a brain dump. I plan on doing a bunch of these over the next few days to get my thoughts out. Maybe after typing it out, I’ll feel that wouldn’t be enough, and I’ll write it out too.

I’m going to tell you this right now… this blog post is going to be all over the place. It already is and it probably will continue to be. I am unable to focus on much of anything. I do really think I’d benefit from a brain dump though so here we go…

One Drawer At A Time

I’ve been listening to these podcasts and she said that you should start organizing with one drawer at a time. A drawer could be very small and only take you 2 minutes, and if you feel like doing more then do more. Promise to do ONE drawer a day, though. Then every time you open that drawer you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll get that instant gratification that everyone needs to continue to do more. Once you feel that gratification, you’ll want to do more! Organizing is instantly gratifying. Every time you look at that area you’ve organized you’ll feel great and accomplished. I have never looked at it that way before. So, she says to start with ONE drawer. That’s easy, right? It will take only a few minutes to go through one drawer. If you finish and want to do more, go for it, but only promise yourself you will finish ONE drawer per day. Here are my drawers that need to be done:

  1. utensil drawer in kitchen *requires sorters from Dollar Tree or Menards*
  2. silverware drawer in kitchen *requires sorters from Dollar Tree*
  3. toothbrush drawer in the lower bathroom
  4. right drawer in the lower bathroom
  5. top filing cabinet drawer in the dining room
  6. bottom filing cabinet drawer in the dining room
  7. top drawer in the chest of drawers in the living room
  8. middle drawer in the chest of drawers in the living room
  9. bottom drawer in the chest of drawers in the living room
  10. the drawer in my table next to the couch
  11. mike’s table = one drawer
  12. hair product drawer in the upstairs bathroom
  13. the drawer inside the cabinet (left) in the bathroom
  14. middle drawer of my desk
  15. top drawer of my desk
  16. the middle row of drawers of my desk
  17. bottom drawer of my desk
  18. the green drawer of my chest
  19. the yellow drawer of my chest
  20. the blue drawer of my chest
  21. the top drawer of the scrapbooking stuff in my closet
  22. the second drawer of the scrapbook stuff in my closet
  23. the third drawer of my scrapbooking stuff in my closet
  24. the forth drawer of my scrapbooking stuff in my closet
  25. t-shirt drawer of my dresser
  26. middle dresser drawer of my dresser
  27. lower dresser drawer of my dresser
  28. underwear drawer of my dresser
  29. sock drawer of my dresser
  30. bottom drawer of my dresser

I think that covers all the drawers I need to work on. Each individual one. So one month of drawer organization. That doesn’t seem too bad. I wonder if I can apply that to other aspects of things that need to be organized. Like, one shelf per day, or something like that. Hell at that rate, I might NEVER get anything done. But with that being said, only doing one drawer a day it doesn’t seem to be such a daunting task ahead of me. It seems do-able. I’ll copy that list above to my Google Keep checkbox lists and do a drawer a day until it’s done OR until mania runs out and I am depressed and unmotivated.

Ya know, I just thought of something. I’m going to do this work to organize a drawer a day, and it’s going to take me up to one month to complete all the drawers, right? I’m not going to be looking inside these drawers every single day, therefore, I’m not going to get a sense of accomplishment from each drawer as much as walking in to a room… No. No. No. Nik, you need to think of the SMALLER picture. Looking at the BIG picture of what you want to get done is what gets you overwhelmed and freak out to begin with. Do one drawer a day… you can do that. THAT you can accomplish.

Since we’re talking about it…

Top Three Big Areas You Want To Complete

Do I really need to narrow it down to three? The whole house needs to be done! No. Think small, but big at the same time. What are three things you want to accomplish? What are the three main things that need to be done FIRST?

  1. my scrapbook stuff
  2. the boys clothes 
  3. school supplies and hallway closet where the supplies are

Ok. I narrow it down to three. Those three are the ones that I want to work on the most. Those are three I’ve been procrastinating and putting off since we moved in. How can I narrow those down?

Boy this is gonna be a doozy…

My Scrapbook Stuff

  1. go through green totes and PURGE
  2. condense to one or none of the totes, find a home for everything
  3. go through box at the top of my closet
  4. … drawers should already have been gone through and emptied …
  5. go through red and green tote from Mike’s closet
  7. go through green tote in Mike’s closet
  8. PURGE
  9. put items from Mike’s closet in to my closet, drawers, and cabinet
  10. empty Mike’s closet completely and move everything in to my closet
  11. everything should be gone through and organized
  12. drop off at Goodwill, throw away, or sell whatever you’re not going to use – GET RID OF IT! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE
  13. enjoy your scrapbooking stuff by going through your photos and START SCRAPBOOKING

There. That doesn’t seem so bad. That actually seems do-able. I could totally do that if I broke that down to a task a day.

That sums up one and a half months of my time. That doesn’t seem so bad. I could do all of these big tasks in one and a half months. Hmm, ok! We’re getting somewhere. Next in business…

The Boys Clothes

Where do I want to even begin with this big, scary, daunting task?

  1. go through Nick’s closet and get out the two boxes of clothes. Go through both of them. Pull out whatever clothes will fit Mikhail soon, and put away the other ones in ONE box. Label the box immediately. Take the box down to the basement and find a home for it.
  2. go through Mikhail’s pants and get rid of anything that isn’t size 12 or bigger. Just get rid of it. Yes, he’s in a size 12. Actually, check to be sure. But he should be in a size 12 or bigger.
  3. Take the box of old clothes from Mikhail’s room to the basement.
  4. Go to the basement and go under the stairs and get out ANY boxes that have clothes in them.
  5. Go in the basement and go through any boxes on the shelves that have clothes in them. Gather them in a corner.
  6. Go in the basement and look anywhere else for any other boxes of clothes. Gather them ALL in a corner.
  7. Go through 1 box per night while Mike is down stairs to keep you company. Sort clothes by size and fold nicely.
  8. Continue for all boxes…
  9. Now, ask Lynn what the FUCK you’re supposed to do with all these clothes. She paid for most of them, she needs to figure it out because you want them OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!
  10. If she doesn’t give you an answer, get rid of them. Take them to Goodwill and just get rid of them. Or sell them on Buy/Sell/Rummage boards on Facebook. Either way, they should not stay in the basement any longer than a few weeks TOPS.
  11. Now feel good because all the boxes are gone and you have SO much more room in the basement for storage.

Ok. So another half month, tops. Longer if Lynn doesn’t give me a fucking idea of what to do with these clothes. We’ll worry about that then. So we’re up to two full months of time to get tons of stuff done. Got it. What’s next?

School Supplies and Hallway Closet

The school supplies are currently hanging on the back of my door of my bedroom and in the closet directly next to my bedroom. I would like to accomplish this one first of all three. I need to know what inventory I have for this school year and when I go shopping. Here’s what needs to be done:

  1. take inventory of what is hanging on the back of my door
  2. count and take inventory of the notebooks you have
  3. count and take inventory of the loose leaf paper you have
  4. count and take inventory of the folders you have
  6. go through miscellaneous bag in bottom shelf of closet
  7. what else is underneath there? Take inventory of everything.
  8. go through second shelf – this should but one task per day – go through board games and coloring stuff. Figure out a home for everything.
  9. take boxes down from top shelf and empty them
  10. take all board games out and place them nicely on the second shelf
  11. the top shelf should only have board games towards the left side and stacked on top of each other

And done. That should seriously take me a few days tops. Not even. That should take me a few hours. Probably not even that. Taking inventory would take the most time writing everything down. Emptying the boxes in the closet and placing the board games should only take a few minutes. Why I haven’t done this big, scary, daunting task is beyond me. It will seriously take me such a short amount of time but here I am with boxes in that closet from when we moved in.

Ok. I have a really good grasp on what I want to get done. It doesn’t seem so big and scary anymore. At most, if I did one task a day, it would take me roughly three months to get these three big tasks, and all the drawers in the house done. That’s the rest of the summer plus one more month in to the boys going to school. Now to just stay manic while this needs to be done so I can last and do it all.

… I am spent. That was a lot of typing and my brain feels deflated now. I’m at nearly 2000 words. I know no one will actually read this but I can tell you I feel 300 times better having typed all this out.


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2 Responses to “Brain Dump – Part 1”

  1. Sheri says:

    I smiled at this last sentence: “I know no one will actually read this….” You knew I would, didn’t you? ;)

    A couple suggestions:
    Kids’ clothes – look for a consignment shop, most cities have kid clothing consignment shops. Then you don’t have to go through the hassle of selling each item and you get a little money.
    Inventory – take pictures instead of writing, or take the pictures first then write when you have time?

    • Nikkole says:

      I will look into consignment shops if that is what it calls for. Like I said, I didn’t pay for 90% of those clothes so I don’t want to just hand them away if Lynn wants something done with them. However, I am not going to sit on my finger tips waiting for her to tell me one way or another either. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Love the idea of taking pictures of everything THEN writing down what I have at a later time. Great idea! One I will more than likely use. Thanks again. You’re such a smart girl :)

      And to be honest, I didn’t think anyone would read through 2000 words of my jumbled mess. You included. Thank you for taking the time to think of me and read it anyway.

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