It’s that time once again, 2018 proposed accomplishments are here. I also have selected my #oneword for the year that I plan on focusing on. If you don’t know what proposed accomplishments are: proposed accomplishments are my own way of saying resolutions. Each and every year, I’d set up resolutions and fail at them and then at the end of the year I’d reflect on the year and be discouraged and disappointed with myself for not achieving anything. Proposed accomplishments are just that, they are what I propose to accomplish for the year. Like resolutions, they’re simply goals I want to achieve for the year, however, they aren’t set in stone and if I don’t succeed in doing them, I will not allow myself to beat myself over it. If I do them, great! At the end of the year, if I look back, like 2017, and go “I only achieved 5 out of 8 of my accomplishments”, that’s OK! 

So now that you have an explanation. I’d like to tell you my #oneword for 2018.


I chose reset for a few reasons. I had ‘breathe’, ‘pause’, ‘calm’, and ‘reset’ as proposed words for 2018. Reset bunches all of those together and makes it one word to focus on. I found myself using it quite often throughout the week after thinking of words for 2018. Reset was used time and time again.

Reset: I will reset myself. I will take a moment to pause, and breathe, I will calm myself, and reset the situation that I have at hand. This can be used in many aspects of my life. When I get angry at the boys – go outside, go to the bathroom, go upsets, remove myself from the situation and just RESET. When I’m anxious about starting my first day at a new job, take a deep breath in my car and just RESET. When I get frustrated when doing something new and not quite grasping it, just take a few breathers, clear my mind, and RESET. I want to physically think inside of my mind of pushing a reset button and clearing what I was currently thinking about or being frustrated about or being anxious about and resetting myself to start over and try again. I have already accomplished trying my absolute best in every situation no matter what I want to do or not, now is a time to focus on resetting myself when trying my best gets overwhelming and I can’t think or focus on the task at hand.

So, that’s my word for 2018. Reset. Reset. Reset. It takes many words and has many meanings but in the end, it all does one thing – it calms me down and resets me to try harder on the situation that I am given.

Now, onward to the 2018 proposed accomplishments:

Take each step needed to be the healthiest you. I have taken steps to stop my trusty but not very useful anger medication in hopes that it returns my hormone levels back to a normalized level. I have gone to the doctor and ensured I did not have diabetes of any kind. I tested my thyroid in many ways to ensure I wasn’t producing an over or underactive thyroid. The only thing that came back abnormal was my prolactin levels were very high. With the removal of Risperidal, I should, in theory, go back down to normal levels. With my prolactin levels being where they need to be, my other hormones should follow suit and should start producing once again, which means my hormones will start to cycle again. This is the best case scenario. Worse case scenario includes, levels not normalizing, and I am pumped full of hormones, to be brought back to normal levels. In theory, I should start shedding weight. Risperidal is known for heavy cases of people gaining hundreds of pounds of weight. Proper eating and exercise should kick start this.

This also includes going to the psych, physician, and other doctors on a normal basis. All this is pending approval of what happens in 2018. I may, or may not, be having a shotgun wedding that will determine whether or not I can continue with my own health insurance or going through Mike’s. Everything is up in the air, and I’m not quite frankly, able to think about it until January 01st, 2018. So, that pushed aside, let’s continue.

Focus on weight loss. Eat small portions. No seconds at dinner time. Limit soda intake as much as possible. Incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. Obviously, after I start this job, I am going to be utterly exhausted. Either wake up 30 minutes earlier, jump on the bike and get a workout in, or figure it the fuck out. Don’t rely on the fact that you removed your #1 weight gain-causing medication to lose the weight. You have to work for it. You have to do it. This means figuring out your bike computer to work for you. Getting your Gear Fit to sync up to what you’re doing on the bike and figure out the right calorie burn. I’ve been talking about this for years. Once, I get in the habit of being a full-time working mom, I want to focus on my health.

FIGURE OUT BEING A FULL-TIME WORKING MOM. This is the biggest and most important and should come before ALL other resolutions or goals. I have to get into the habit of work/life balance. The boys are going to have to get into the habit of being home extra two hours without Mom being home. I’m going to have to get into the habit of being at work 40 hours a week instead of only 26. Five full days of work instead of having a day off during the week. That means, grocery shopping is either going to have to be after work one day a week or on the weekend. Meal planning will have to be planned accordingly. This is all stuff that I will have to figure out very early on.

Continue to do your absolute best. It’s not a huge thing for me to try my absolute best in every situation I am given. I try hard, I work hard, I do my best. That’s all that anyone can ask of me, and that’s all I can ask of myself. At the end of the day, I have to ask myself, “Did I have a successful day? Did you work hard? Did you do your best?” that’s all I can ask of myself. I have three check boxes of those three questions every single day in my daily habits in my planner. Most days, I can check those off. Whether it will be doing absolutely NOTHING on a Saturday after a long week at work and doing everything Sunday, then so be it.

That’s it. That’s all my goals for this year. I want to focus on health, doing my best at my new job, and resetting MYSELF when needed. I don’t want to pile on anything else on top of all that. I just want to get through the first three months of the year with a positive attitude and with as little anxiety as I can. Once I get through those three months, I may come back and add a few more goals. 2018 is going to bring some BIG changes.

I have a new job.

I will be working full time for the first time since 2007.

The boys will be staying home alone a LOT more this year, which always brings me anxiety but we get through it each and every month that it’s presented.

A lot of trust will have to be given to the boys doing this time for Mom to do what she needs to do.

I could become a married woman.

I will no longer be on the assistance of the state for the first time in over 14 years.

2018 comes with a lot of new things happening, which means a lot of unknowns. The thought of it makes me want to push that big red RESET button in my head. Wish me luck, because I’m going forward, guns a blazing, and with the attitude that anything can happen and no matter what, I will prevail. Because no matter what, I will do my absolute best.

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2 Responses to “2018 Proposed Accomplished plus my #oneword”

  1. Sheri says:

    These are great goals. I look forward to following and supporting your 2018 reset year!

  2. Sarah says:

    You’re going to do great! Being a full-time working Mom is very difficult, but it’s so much better when you have the support from your husband! I go grocery shopping Friday nights after the kids are in bed. (Obviously you don’t have to wait for yours to be asleep) It’s very hard, but you definitely can do it! We can cheer each other on for the weight loss, because I’m right there with you. I’m finished having babies, it’s time…a time to get healthy! We got this…more importantly, YOU have got this!

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