So, it’s the end of 2017. I wrote a list of proposed accomplishments instead of writing resolutions. So, how did I hold up to the expectation of the new year?

*If* I get the job at DHL, I hope to have a very successful year. I want to work hard and prove to not only myself, my family, but everyone that I am stabilized and capable of holding down a job and not only hold it down but exceed expectations to do exceptionally well. Well, I did get the job at DHL. I had a fairly successful year. I didn’t get hired on like I wanted to but maybe that was fate and there is a reason for everything. I’m starting a new job at a new location at A. Bank and hopefully, things work out in the end for the better. My anxiety got the best of me in some aspects of working while at DHL, the throwing up didn’t help the situation at all. I put forth my best effort and that was all anyone could ask of me, or what I could ask of myself. I did my best. It wasn’t enough to be hired on but like I said, on to bigger and better things with the future.

Figure out a weight loss plan and stick with it. This one just simply did NOT stick. I didn’t count calories, I didn’t lose weight, in fact, I gained 25lbs. Finally, towards the end of the year, I found out the culprit and I hope to have a much more successful 2018 with the weight loss department. With my hormones returning to normal, I should have some answers as to why I’ve put on so much weight and hopefully, it just starts to slide off like buttah!

Blog More. I did a fairly good job of this. I think I kept up with my blog as much as I could for 2017. I blogged when necessary for my mental health. I blogged when I was sad, happy, and just needed to get out my thoughts on ‘paper’. It was therapeutic like I wanted it to be, so SUCCESS!

Try to do a Project 52 with Project Life??? I think I opened the Project Life app approximately 10 times this entire year and that was probably all within the first few weeks of January. I didn’t work on any pages or get anything done that I needed to get done. UNSUCCESSFUL!

Continue stability path. I’ve been stabilized for the most part all year. I continued going to my pdoc appointments, I took my medications as prescribed even though at times I thought I didn’t need/want them, and I even started seeing a therapist even though it was for a short while. Overall I think this one was rather successful.

Continue each day trying your best. I have honestly done my absolute best this entire year. Every moment, every obstacle, everything I had to overcome, I put forth my best foot forward and just trudged through as best as I could. I did my absolute best in every aspect of a lot of things in my life this year. No matter what I always tried my hardest and did my best. That’s all I can really ask myself.

Plan each day.  I had a hard time with this, this year. I switched to more journalling than planning. It was hard to be disciplined enough to sit down and journal my entire day through. Then I had the blog so on days that I blogged I really didn’t want to do my planner. Other days, I was just simply too lazy to fill out each and every single slot that was on my planner. It was exhausting but I know that it’s good therapy for me to keep a journal and a daily log of what is going on. I don’t know how many times I went through the previous pages and just read through my moods and how that month went, etc. It’s good to keep a log of stuff when you have such a poor memory. Sometimes, it feels like a chore but other times I enjoy it thoroughly.

Try to only worry about TODAY. I did TERRIBLE at this one. I never just worried about today. I guess when you’re constantly writing in a planner to go ahead and look forward to how your week is going to look, etc. You tend to become anxious about the unknowns of the week when looking ahead when you’re not focusing on only TODAY. But, I’m a planner, and to be honest, this goal just wasn’t realistic. I plan ahead, and that means I worry about what’s to come ahead of time.

So that’s my 2017 proposed accomplishments review. I don’t think I did too bad. Check back in a few days when I write my 2018 proposed accomplishments, which I don’t think will be much different from these, but I’ll also have my 2018 #oneword as well.


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  1. Sheri says:

    I think you did very well despite all of your setbacks.

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