2016 was pretty crazy. Normally on the last few days of the year, I write about my resolutions proposed accomplishments that I achieved throughout the year but I decided to add little something to my annual post. I want to look back and write some of the things that happened this year. I am going to attempt to do this while reading my blog from the previous year to get some answers as to some of the things that happened so bare with me.

 First, my proposed accomplishments from 2016

As some of you know, I don’t write resolutions. A few years back, I decided to change the word “resolution” into “proposed accomplishments” instead. I proposed that I accomplished the following things. If I didn’t achieve them, I wasn’t going to beat myself up and be hard on myself for not doing so. I was going to just know that I did the best I could and go from there.

No losing weight accomplishment this year … I want to learn to love myself for who I am. I did a fairly good job at this. While I occasionally counted my calories and attempted to do some form of exercise, watched what I ate, and tried to make healthy choices, the scale did not move. It didn’t budge! Instead of beating myself up over it, I would take a picture or look in the mirror and accept I am who I am. Some day I’ll figure out the secret to unlocking my power to lose weight but this year wasn’t it. I looked in the mirror and saw myself as I truly was. All of me.

While I’m not 100% pleasant with myself, I am kinder. Which brings me to my next proposed accomplishment. Be a kinder person. I wanted to be a kinder person to everyone, including myself. For the most part, I think I did very well with this. I tried hard not to talk poorly about people or behind their backs. I did really well with this. I said what I need to say about some and mostly kept it mutual knowledge between the person and me when I needed something said. Overall, I’m happy with achieving this.

Keep up on housework. Did this one pretty well for the most part. Getting a job really put a damper on getting major projects done but overall, I kept the house clean. I did what I set out to do. My final two things to do was to plan and blog. I did really well with planning and blogging throughout the year so I am happy with how I did with those.

I didn’t have a lot of accomplishments I set out to do this year but I did manage to achieve a lot of them.

But that’s not all I did this year…

I managed to get a lot more done this year than I just proposed.

I wrote an e-book. I wrote and published my first book on Amazon all over the world. It was about entering and winning sweepstakes and Twitter parties. It’s kinda funny because everything I wrote in it is kinda irrelevant now and I only officially sold three copies. Alas, I did write and publish a book.

Survived a week without Mike after he took a work-related trip to Vegas by himself. This was probably the hardest thing we have done in a long time. We spent a week apart from each other while he flew across the country to work in Vegas. After a week of “I miss you. I love you”, lots of texts, and Snapchats, we survived and he was back home in my arms. It brought us closer together.

Nick was put back on Concerta. Although he still had PVCs he was given the OK to go back on his trusty medication. After nearly failing the 6th grade and having to go to summer school, he succeeded and overcome his grades. His attitude changed too. Now, in seventh grade, he is doing exceptionally well and had roaring conferences. PVCs are still in the back of our mind but most importantly his medication is helping him the way we need it to. So that’s more important.

Nick’s Dad was MIA the entire year. No surprise there. Matt didn’t show, call, or text minus the one “Happy Birthday” on the 15th of October. We haven’t spoken to him.

Nick graduated therapy. We no longer need to go to therapy. We were told to come back as needed.

I got rid of hormones for good. Had surgery. And officially made it so I could not bare any more children. I thought my Mirena was causing all sorts of crazy stuff to me. Weight gain, emotionalness, mood swings, etc. I finally made the call in May that I was going to get rid of the Mirena for good and get my tubes tied. I found a doctor and got the ball rolling. In July, I got my tubes tied and had the Novasure procedure done to ensure I wouldn’t get periods anymore. Since then I have been almost 90% stable with my moods and a completely changed person.

Bought a brand new shiny black glittery bike. I bought a new bike that I rode two times the entire year. Go me! LOL

We took a trip to the Dells. (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin) We took a trip to the dells with our family this year. We stayed in a three-bedroom condo. It was a lot of fun.

I colored my first Hannah Lynn picture and it didn’t stop there. Since I started, I’ve colored over 45 different Hannah Lynn pictures and own all 5 of her books. Here’s my first and last page:

The word “normal” was pushed around a LOT this year. I heard the word “normal” a lot this year. “You’re going to be a normal person again.” “What you’re experiencing is normalcy and that’s completely normal.” I have finally been introduced to what normal feels like again and it feels grand!

I got a job and worked for the first time in over five years. I was hired at Office Max in July. I was offered the job on the spot at the interview. It was surreal and it happened WAY too quickly. I wasn’t ready and now fast forward a few months and I still wasn’t ready. I don’t like the job but I’m doing everything in my power to get back at Diggers and be happy again and make money at the same time. So we’ll see what happens. *Crosses fingers*

With that being said, I should probably add in there that I was very successful during my run at OMX and had a lot of successful sales days and successfully pleased bosses. They are head over heels with me there and I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it.

Also successfully had a summer with the boys staying home alone while I worked. My nerves were all sorts of places over the course of action before I started work, while I worked, and up until they started school. I still feel incredibly selfish for getting a job and making them sit around doing nothing at all while I was working for their summer. I hope to figure something else out for next summer when I plan on working 28 hours a week. They did an exceptional job being home alone, though. I am incredibly proud of them. We all shown responsibility and growth this summer.

Celebrated my 30th birthday. Mike made it a special day that I couldn’t forget. We got Starbucks, smoked chicken for the first time, had a cookout and bonfire with some friends. It was a magical day and I really appreciate the thought that Mike put forth to make it special

Struggled with a lot of self-doubts. I struggled with a lot of emotions up and down this past six months. I may have felt the most normal I have felt in forever but the self-doubt was real. I was all over the place with emotions regarding work and the kids. I doubted my worth with how things were going at work even though nothing at work gave me a reason to believe that I was struggling with anything, quite the opposite actually. I didn’t like going to work and because of that I wound up sicker than a dog more mornings than I can count. I had a really rough time going to work each day and saying things were OK because I didn’t believe they were. While I was striving at work, I didn’t feel like I was doing good enough to my own standards.

WE GOT A KITTY! We got Gizmo in September! He was a surprise to us. He was only 10 weeks old and rescued from Menard’s yard by Mike’s brother. We love our Gizmo.

Christmas 2016 was eventful. We had a crazy Christmas this year. We were able to do so much more with me working. We celebrated as hard as we could. The boys got a brand new computer from Mike and I. We were able to buy for others this year too.

And that was my year in a summary. That was my 2016. It was a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotionalness and craziness. We did it, though. I hear 2016 was a crazy year for everyone. What made your 2016 crazy? I’m happy it’s over and I’m looking VERY forward to 2017 and the outcome that comes with it.

Happy New Year, Everyone.

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2 Responses to “2016 – A year in review.”

  1. Kya says:

    It was a big year for you. I think it’s so fantastic that you were able to learn to appreciate yourself more. It was such a great idea to take a photo and try to focus on the positives. I hope you do have a bright 2017!

  2. Becca says:

    I like the idea of “proposed accomplishments.” :) I’m not a big fan of resolutions and if I made any I called them goals. I used to not make any at all because I thought it was stupid to only change at the beginning of the new year. But I’ve had a bit of change of heart over the years and I actually wrote some goals for the year. But goals, not resolutions. ;)

    I love that you wanted to be healthier, but didn’t beat yourself up. I’ve learned that I have to stay to a very strict, low calorie diet and exercise every day for about five months straight just to lose five pounds. Which is ridiculous, so I’ve also been slowly learning to love what I see in the mirror and learn to love just being me. It’s not always easy, but I loved reading about that positivity for you.

    That’s so awesome you wrote an e-book! Regardless of how relevant it is now or how many copies you sold, I think that is so awesome! That is so much more than so many people can say. I’ve always wanted to publish a book, but I’ve always been too scared and haven’t really worked towards it because of it.

    Happy 2017 Nikki!

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