The last time I wrote was WEEKS ago. Ugh, I apologize! I’ve been so absolutely busy, it has been crazy and just unbelievable.

How do I sum up the past few weeks?

I believe my last post ended at the end of the 2nd week of training if I’m not mistaken.

By the third week, I was told I was “the first champion” and that I needed to “champion” my fellow coworkers to get them up to my speed. I sat with many people, gave them some tips and tricks as to how I handled things. The entire third week was me sitting with people, providing feedback, and just teaching them small ways they can change things to improve their flow.

It was a great week. It was the last week of training. We were told it’s gonna be ‘sink or swim’. The thing is, we learned the entire old system with our trainer the first week. The second week, she was gone to the Bahamas, and we had our supervisors. Well, during the second week of training, we had 3-4 hours a day of Skype training with the trainer from Steven’s Point. I’d say, maybe 80% of our class either slept or put their headphones on and just talked to their neighbors when this training was going on. ((FYI, I have no idea if I wrote this in my last entry, so let’s just roll with this little update)) Towards the end of the 2nd week, I went to my supervisor’s office and asked her if we were going over any of the new material – things that changed, etc. She said absolutely not, it wasn’t worth the time to go over it again, not a lot of big things are changing and that the things that are changing should be pretty self-explanatory. I said that worried me because I had witnessed a lot of slack when it came to learning the new system. She said thanks for the feedback, but it’s sink or swim. *shrugs* Ok. Not my problem…

The third week came, and  I sat with everyone. I knew particular people who for sure wouldn’t make it long. Others surprised me. I have one particular girl who admitted to the trainer and supervisor that “something she needs to work on is not sleeping the entire shift”. Uhh, what? Smdh.

It was winding down to the third week. This one particular girl, her name we’ll just say is C, and I was championing a bunch of people. Towards the end of the week, of the last week of training, she told the trainers, I am DONE sitting with people. Please, just let me take calls. I cannot take the stupidity. Where, I was just like, YEA! Let’s just keep going with helping people and getting them where they need to be.

Friday; The last day of training – 5 pm left, so us 6 pm people kinda just hung out. C hooked up and took calls and she and I discussed some of the things we witnessed while championing the past week. A few other 6 pm people came over and sat and listened to us discuss. I left the group and went and talked to my other two girls who I helped a lot the previous weeks. I don’t know what was said after I walked away from that group; honestly, it doesn’t matter. I noticed two of the girls in particular left about 10 minutes before our shift was done. Thought nothing of it. I said goodnight to the two ladies I was speaking to and started wrapping up the week. I left work that night. It was dark and raining. The parking lot was EXTREMELY busy. There is a really good restaurant right behind our parking lot that apparently has excellent fish fry. Well, the parking lot was insane. I had four people lined up to take my spot when I left. Clearly, I was more worried about not being hit than anything else. I got in, turned on some tunes, drove to Starbucks on the opposite side of the parking lot, ordered Mike and I some drinks, and went home. I was so happy. I completed training. I did extremely well.

Now, I realized something at this point. I had to take 8 calls on the first day of work. EIGHT. I had only taken eight calls…

Monday was going live. New system. New updates. Everything we learned in Skype was what we’d be using. (just skipping around a little)

Rewind. Saturday morning. I ask Mike, “Hey. My car is making a huge clunking sound every time I turn left. Could you look at it?” He looks. Doesn’t see or say anything. Said everything looks good. We move on.

Sunday. Nick and I go to the grocery store. I park pretty far away from the store and in the parking lot. I almost always do. Again, I was more worried about Nick paying attention and doing what he was supposed to be. I didn’t notice anything.

Monday morning. Going live today. BUSY day ahead of us. I knew I was going to arrive early. I had my coffee, purse, everything in my car while Mikhail and I waited for the bus. I looked at my car… There were two very deep scratches on my fender. Uhm? WTF? I look further down the driver side… a scratch, while slightly lighter, went from my headlight to my gas cap door. The scratch on the back driver side door to the gas cap door was much deeper. I text Mike, “SOMEONE FUCKING KEYED MY CAR!” and sent him picture after picture. Mikhail got on the bus and I was irate and now going to what was going to be the busiest day of work I’ve had.

I walked into work and immediately went to Shane and told him what happened. He was completely oblivious. “Oh, nobody from here would have done that.” Reminder, he has never worked with temps, or for a project with temps before, this was his first one, so he has a lovely journey ahead of him. I have witnessed temps and the bull shit Mike has had to deal with season after season at many of his jobs. They don’t care about anything as long as they get their money. With that being said, yes, I am also a temp. However, I have never been a temp before. I was also one of the first people hired through Shane for this position so I don’t look at that as, “hey I got to get my numbers to get this job filled up, let’s get them in.” No. I was “Oh, she’s got some good credentials, she should be a good fit.” So yes, while I am a temp, technically, I don’t believe I was hired as a temp, but as an employee would be a good fit, not to meet his quota.

I told him and he said he would figure out what to do. We spent the next three days taking care of it. We found out the 3rd week of training, “Oh yea, by the way, you are all going to be working Saturday AND Sunday, every other weekend, from now until the project is done at the end of April.” Uh, what?!

So, whatever, I had off Thursday as my ‘flex day’ because I worked that weekend. That entire Thursday, ya know my one day off before I had to work a solid another set of five days in a row, I spent going from the police dept. to work, to the grocery store, back to the police dept. to home to drop off my groceries, back to work. This took until around noon. By the time I was home, I went and laid down and before I knew it, it was already 4 pm. Almost my entire day off wasted.

I know exactly who keyed my car. Couldn’t prove it.

They “took care of it” but nothing came of it. I told them I wasn’t expecting them to repaint my car or take care of it. I seriously just wanted someone to know, hey this happened, so if something bigger or worse happens to me or my property, you will know why.

I worked the next five days. Saturday sucked. I was so completely unhappy that I was stuck there on Saturday but I did what I had to do. Mike ended up taking Mikhail with him to Myles and Nick got his tablet back for the weekend so he would at least have something to do.

Sunday, I went in like I was supposed to. By 11 am, I was asked to go home. I ran and got Starbucks for Mike and me, and I came home. I got a TON of laundry done. Mike and I went to pick up our girl scout cookies which turned into sitting by his buddies house for about five hours. I was so grateful for that extra time off. I was so tired and I had so much to get done. I really needed that.

Monday and Tuesday were busy again. Tuesday, I witnessed four girls get fired. Including the girl who I believe keyed my car. Bye, Felicia. I and C were like, OMG WHAT IS GOING ON! We both had the following day. We went home like, uh, do we have a job to come back to? We should ok, right? We were both NERVOUS.

Thursday went by. No one else was fired while we were gone. We came in not knowing what to expect. Was everyone going to be gone? We went through our Thursday very nervous and just unsure. We talked about it at lunch and then again towards the end of the day when the car volume went down. We kinda shrugged it off and said we both hoped for the best.

Now, we were told our temp agency’s expectations for us was to hit at least 7-8 per hour for your shift.

I was hitting about 5. I was helping our customers. Walking every single elderly customer through each and every step. Then I got told, no, you HAVE to get your numbers. Get those numbers up! Within ONE day, I got my calls from 5 cph to nearly 10 cph, simply because I was told to not ‘over-service our customers’ but get my numbers instead.

Friday came. Everything was calm. C called me over and was like “they are training champions”. She couldn’t explain anything more than that. She gave me that look like just you watch…

Shane came up to me about two hours later and said: “put yourself in supervisor approved!” I did as I was told and followed him into his office. I closed the door. He started with saying something about how I was doing and how he’s been bringing in everyone to touch base with how things are going. “How do you think things are going?”

“Uh, I think they’re fine.”

“You pretty cool with how things are going on. You understand what to do, have no issues?”

“Uh, yea? I think I’m good. I think I’m doing good. I’ve been getting pretty good numbers.”

“Yea, about that. So, you’ve improved by far more than anyone else here.”

“Uh, I hope by improving you mean that I was told to service and HELP our customers and that was exactly I was doing, and then I got told to get my numbers and I nailed it.”

“LOL. Yea. You went from five calls to nearly ten within one day. Clearly, you weren’t doing what was wrong, you were doing what you thought you were supposed to be doing. I’d say that was an improvement.”

He explained how they have seen my potential since the very first few days of training and I’ve exceeded since then. He said it was like I was made for this job. I’m incredibly comfortable in every situation. He’s witnessed people have panic attacks because of some situations and that I’ve been able to handle every situation, and if not handle it, figure out a way to get it taken care of, or off to someone else.

He asked me if I would like to join a small group of other people who would be further trained. Our trainer would take us aside and train us for the next three to four weeks from 1 pm until 6 pm. He said we would be trained in a lot of the remaining departments so the majority of the calls that we’re transferring over,  we would be able to assist those particular customers.

He said, he knows me and knows how I do things. He knows I shouldn’t have any problem with this and will succeed in it jut as well as I succeeded in the first weeks of training. He said, as long as you don’t change everything about yourself and become a completely different person – you’ll be fine.

I accepted. I walked out of the office with a huge smile on my face and C was like “See, told ya, girl! We got this!”

So next week Wednesday, I begin my new schedule.

This begins the next steps in my journey. He couldn’t promise me anything. “I cannot make ANY promises that this is your in… but this is a VERY good step in the direction that I know that YOU want to be going in.”

As long as I do good, and what I am supposed to, and my best like I always try to do… I will learn many new systems and procedures. With this training, I believe that they’ve already chosen the team they’re keeping. We have less than 7-8 weeks left of our project, and four of those weeks will be dedicated to training six of us, three from first and three from second. They wouldn’t take the time to dedicate training us if they didn’t believe we were meant to stick around.

So that’s how I look at it. I’m going to do my best. I am going to bust my ass. I am going to work hard. I’m going to aspire for more.

I just thought I’d update you all with what’s been going on.

I did renew my blog and hosting for another year. We’re good until February 2019.

I have a HUGE idea. I want to do it and figure it out so bad. It is going to take a lot of figuring out, designing, specific coding that I’ll have to teach myself how to use and understand… I just don’t have the time to dedicate to even trying it right now so you’re stuck with this beautiful pink, Paris theme that I’ve had for maybe well over a year now. Sorry, guys. When I have some downtime, and I have some opportunity to sit back and really figure out how I want it to look and operate. I’ll figure it out. The coding is completely new so I will have to fully learn it. I also have to learn how to make responsive websites. So it’s all device friendly. All stuff, I just don’t have time for. This is my first weekend off in over two weeks. The boys have been helping out tremendously but I still just have SO much to do. I am exhausted. I have coloring books that I want to color – MY MAUI MERMAID ONE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY came out. I haven’t even touched that.

Working full time is much easier than I expected it to be. I’m completely comfortable with the 40 hours that I’m gone every single day. I love the fact that I can home for lunch. I love that I drink two full cups of coffee pretty much the entire time I’m at work. The paychecks are excellent. I really do love it.

So wish me luck in my next endeavors.



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